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Types Of Concrete

We offer a wide range of types of concrete, suitable for both domestic and commercial settings. If you’re unsure which surface is best for your needs, we can help you make the right choice. Read on for more information about some of our most popular surfacing techniques.

large area of stamped concrete

Imprinted Concrete

Imprinted concrete, also known as stamped concrete, is a concrete surface that has had a pattern or texture stamped onto it while drying. This technique can be used to mimic the appearance of other paving materials, such as block paving. It can also be customised with a range of different colours.

Powerfloated concrete

Power Floated Concrete

Power floated concrete is a surface that has been finished with a power float machine that compacts the floor. This makes it denser and stronger, while also creating a smooth, polished surface. It is a popular solution in commercial, and industrial spaces, offering a reliable performance on a long-term basis.

Exposed Aggregate path

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate surfaces include coarse, decorative aggregate that remains visible on the finished surface. This can help add texture and colour to concrete driveways, improving their appearance while also offering increased grip for both vehicles and pedestrians.

dry brushed concrete

Brushed Concrete

A brushed concrete finish is produced by using a stiff brush to add texture to the concrete while it’s still wet. This adds a subtle variation to the texture of the surface after it dries, which can improve its appearance as well as providing additional traction.

man tampering concrete with tampering machine

Tamped Concrete

Tamped concrete features fine grooves which add anti-slip properties to the finished surface. The effect is achieved using a tamping beam, which moves up and down rapidly to tamp down the concrete and create the desired texture. It is desirable for certain settings and certain types of concrete.

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